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    • Cowdenbeath - UK Superbowl
    • Saturday 27 October - 17:00
    • Venray
    • Sunday 28 October - 12:00
    • Cowdenbeath - NS Round 5
    • Sunday 28 October - 13:00
    • Ipswich - NS Round 6
    • Saturday 03 November - 18:00
    • Great Yarmouth
    • Sunday 04 November - 13:00
    • Emmen
    • Saturday 22 December - 12:00

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Drivers Meeting

The SSCA will be having a meeting between some of its representatives and driver members on Tuesday 23 October (7.30pm) which will take place at the Adrian Flux Arena, King’s Lynn.

Any drivers who wish to be considered for this meeting should register their interest with Marion by 18 October.

We appreciate that the location and timing of the meeting will not suit several drivers. However we hope to publish a list of drivers who will be attending the meeting following the 18 October so that other drivers will be able to raise any issues with them to be brought up at the meeting. The SSCA is also hoping to publish a document explaining any potential rule amendments for 2019 prior to the meeting so that drivers may discuss them and give feedback to those who will be attending he meeting.

This will be the fifth season that the SSCA have had this meeting. All who have attended it have seen it as being a worthwhile exercise and we are looking forward to that once again.

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